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Okay, let’s say that you have called on the Oklahoma Wildlife Control® Limited Liability Company to resolve your wildlife problems, as so many have in the past. In doing so, you have called the most Professional, Knowledgeable, Dedicated and Honest company in Oklahoma that you can possibly find to resolve your wildlife issues. However, in calling the Oklahoma Wildlife Control® Limited Liability Company, you MUST place your trust in our knowledge and professionalism in terms of abiding by our instructions and directions to remedy your problems. We have on all occasions, made the very best attempt to abide by our clientele wishes in in terms of how the wildlife should be disposed of. The disposition of wildlife is ultimately the decision and responsibility of OK Wildlife Control®, L.L.C. Which brings us to listening and adhering.

There are those who wish for us to simply “exclude” the wildlife problem from the structure so that it cannot get back in, but leave it in the area. This is seldom the best possible solution to the problem, and a lot of other companies will do this knowing that the wildlife will regain entry into the structure through another opening created at a later date … which in turn, creates more work for the company and costing the client more money. Exclusion only does not work all the time. It is not always the best solution. When exclusion only is performed by a wildlife service company, many times, it’s because they do not know how to properly address the wildlife concern.

Chewing In To The Attic Tulsa Oklahoma Wildlife Animal Control Remove Evict Proofing Damage Repair

(Squirrels regained access into the attic by chewing through the fascia board at the corner as shown. In doing so, they also damaged the underlying soffit. )

Point in fact … the picture to the right is that of a house in Tulsa, to which we followed the landowner instructions the first time, without enforcing our professionalism and knowledge for which we were paid to render during the service. We removed all the dead animals, secured all of the entry points, repaired all of the damages and left the wildlife in the neighborhood as the client wished for us to do. So what happened? Four months later, we are back out to remove squirrels which have regained entry into the attic space. Where did they get back in you ask? On the far end of the roof, which had no damages during the first visit. The squirrels found a place that was weakened by weather and chewed their way back into the attic. This could have been prevented by following the instructions given during the initial visit and raccoon, squirrel and dead animal removal process.

This eve where the squirrels have built a den (nest) has no attic accessibility, and therefore, the repairs will be larger and the costs will be greater due to the fact that the entire soffit and fascia have to be removed from the structure in order to ensure that all materials are cleaned out, the void is disinfected, and that there are no underlying damages to the internal attic structure. The den is actually about six (6) feet up into the soffit void. Even though some of the squirrels building material can be seen at the opening, those materials are not the actual den. This can be seen in the following pictures.

Tulsa Oklahoma Wildlife Control Soffit Eve Overhang Squirrel Den Nest Attic

Oklahoma Wildlife Control Soffit Eve Void Squirrel Den Nest Attic

Squirrel Damage Chewing Fascia Soffit Attic Oklahoma Wildlife Control Animal Removal Exclude Evict Proofing Rodent Tulsa

Chewing In To The Attic Tulsa Oklahoma Wildlife Animal Control Remove Evict Proofing Damage Repair

So here’s the realization. If you PAY for EXPERIENCE. If you PAY for PROFESSIONALISM. If you PAY for KNOWLEDGE. And you PAY for QUALITY … then why would you choose to throw good money after bad by not following the directions given to you by the PROFESSIONAL that you PAID to do so? And why would you choose to utilize the services of a company without the proper knowledge and professionalism required for the wildlife control industry?

We advise you to shop around for the company of your choice to assist you in your selection. Or you can simply contact us to save time … after all … the Oklahoma Wildlife Control® Limited Liability Company sets the bar and standards of quality and professionalism for the wildlife control industry in Oklahoma.

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