918-367-9060 Oklahoma’s residential Canada Geese-Goose Problems & Issues

Spring is here … and so are the residential Canada geese. And in a lot of locations … just a few geese are welcomed for scenery. However … the Geese are nesting, and laying eggs … which could pose a potential problem for people just passing by.

Residential Canada geese are a large problem in Oklahoma and throughout the nation. To assist in this problem, we are authorized to removed and relocate geese, as well as addle eggs, as seen in the pictures provided below. If you have issues with Canada geese, or any other wildlife species, contact us today.

Legal Status

In the United States, migratory birds, including most waterfowl, as well as their nests and eggs, are federally protected (50 CFR 10.12) by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act (MBTA) (16 USC. 703-711). A complete list of all migratory birds protected by the MBTA can be found in 50 CFR 10.13. Also, all states protect most waterfowl. Exotic and feral waterfowl species including mute swans, greylag geese, muscovy ducks, and Pekin ducks are not protected by the MBTA, but may be protected by state law or local ordinance.

The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation has enlisted us as designated agents, under ODWC’s Special Canada goose Permit (SCGP), issued by the US Fish and Wildlife Services. As agents we are authorized to conduct resident Canada goose management and control activities through egg and nest manipulation, trapping, and relocation, of Canada geese in order to contribute to human health and safety, protection of personal property, and prevention of injury to people or property. We are pre-authorized to trap and relocate and carry out egg and nest control only from within the incorporated city limits of a municipality. At this time lethal control of resident Canada geese by SCGP Agents operating under the ODWC federal permit is not permitted. Control activities under the ODWC’s federal Special Canada Goose Permit may only be conducted between March 11 and August 31. Activities involving the harassment of resident Canada geese, that do not result in the taking or possession of resident Canada geese, their parts, nest or eggs, may be conducted year around.

The Oklahoma Wildlife Control® Limited Liability Company of Tulsa, Oklahoma … is certified under the SCGP of the US Fish & Wildlife Department, and the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation to assist and resolve your residential Canada geese problems and concerns with services ranging from egg addling to physical removal and relocation. Contact us today for your Residential Canada Geese needs. Our professionals are standing by to assist you.

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