Foundation Barriers – A “MUST” for any structure

Wildlife Prevention Barriers … yes, we install them!

Another service provided by the Oklahoma Wildlife Control Limited Liability Company, which is usually not mentioned or discussed until we’re called out to remove a dead animal from under a mobile / modular / trailer home … is re-skirting and wildlife barrier installation performed to this type of residential structure, to prevent future wildlife access. There’s hardly a worse smell, than finding out an opossum, skunk or other wildlife species has gained active access under your structure … or worse yet, died under your home. When you find out this has occurred, it is usually with your nose, just prior to hosting a party or a family / friends “get together”. These animals usually gain access under the structure through faulty skirting, then they climb up into the flooring insulation, get lost, and die around the plumbing fixtures of the home while seeking water. Proper installation of a wildlife barrier, and if a “mobile” type structure, the “re-skirting” of the foundation … is an absolute “must” for these types of structures, and in our own opinion, should be a “code” regulation for the structures placement on a property.

But you say “my structure is on a slab” … and our reply is “AND!?” Yes, it happens to cement slabs as well. Especially is the footing was poured improperly, the ground is continuously “wet or soft”, and through regular “settling” of the footing and slab. These episodes cause erosion, and will end up in a “washout” or “wash hole” providing access under the slab itself. Even tough a barrier installation is not as common with “slabs” … it does happen, and when it does, the slab makes the level of installation difficulties escalate drastically.

If you need a wildlife prevention barrier installed on your structure, and you want it properly and professionally installed … look no further and contact us today.

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