Our Services

NOTE: Oklahoma Wildlife Control®, L.L.C., is a nuisance & predatory wildlife solutions and service company, with a number of specialties such as Bird Control & Deterrents, Urban Coyote Control, Urban Beaver Control, Professional Bat Remediation, Etc. However, O.W.C. is not an animal rescue organization and O.W.C. is not an insect pest extermination company. If you have problems with domestic cats and dogs, we suggest that you contact your local animal shelter for assistance. Thank you.

Services Offered

* 24/7 Emergency Call Services
* Wildlife Removal Services
* Dead Animal Removal Services
* Wildlife Damage Repair Services
* Deer & Feral Hog Management
* Crop Damage Prevention Services
* HS&E Consultations & Education
* Livestock & Crop Depredation Control
* Foundation Access Prevention Barrier Installations
* Insurance Claims Inspection Services & Estimates
* Predator Management & Control for Hunting Leases
* Pond / Tank / Waterway control of Muskrat & Beaver
* Canada Goose & Geese Removals, Recovery and Relocation
* Bird Control, Removal & Deterrent Estimates & Services
* Fecal Material Cleaning, Disinfecting & Decontamination
* Building, Home & Housing Pre-purchase and Post-purchase Inspections
* Complete Attic Restorations Caused by Wildlife Damages
* Honey Bee & Bee Hive Removal, Recovery and Relocation
* Bat Removals, Exclusions and Custom Bat House Installations
* Wildlife Propagation & Habitat Improvement Management Services
* Koi Pond exclusions to keep those pesky animals from eating your investment

Serviced Entities

* Communities
* Public or Private Property
* Farm & Ranch Properties
* Private Residential Properties
* Private & Commercial Hunting Leases
* Fishery & Water Treatment Facilities
* Public or Private Home Owner Associations
* Utility Companies & Electrical Stations
* Parks, Recreational Areas & Golf Courses
* Insurance Companies & Claims Verification Clients
* Gas, Oil & Utility Companies Field Support
* Commercial Businesses, Corporate & Industry Properties
* Federal, State and Local Government, City, County, Municipal Entities
* Military & Veteran Installations for Wildlife Animal Removal, Exclusion, Control & Deterrent Services
* Oklahoma Landlord & Tenant Act

Property Managers

If you have ever managed a large property, or even multiple smaller properties, you know how difficult it is to provide quality maintenance to your tenants. Large or multiples, properties are susceptible to a wide variety of nuisance and predatory wildlife issues. If you have a nuisance or predatory wildlife problem, or believe that you might have, give us a call today. We can properly and professionally inspect your grounds and buildings, and give you peace of mind.

* We offer a service plan choice specially designed for multiple properties.
* We offer scheduled property inspections, we work with the best companies
* We offer consultations & safety presentations.
* We offer recommendations for other service providers (i.e.: Pest Applicators, HazMat Cleanup, etc.)
* And we offer more than seen here … contact us today for more information.
* Oklahoma Landlord & Tenant Act

Golf Course Managers

You work hard to maintain your golf courses. Golf courses are susceptible to very large expenditures, and these increase when wildlife species such as moles, gophers, woodchucks, and armadillos, to name a few, are left uncontrolled to cause damages your investment. These wildlife species destroy beautiful greens, fairways, tee boxes and more. The damages cause a large increase in the challenges that the game of golf inherently presents to any golfer, making the game more aggravating and unpleasant to a golfer at any skill level. Damage as simple as a mole tunnel can also cause injury to an unsuspecting golfer or by-stander, if they happen to step into it. Call us today to get your golf courses inspected for wildlife problems and damages. We will help you keep your course beautiful and intact, and keep your clientele safe from injuries.

* We offer a Professional Total Control service plan choice specially designed for golf courses.
* We offer scheduled property inspections.
* We offer consultations & safety presentations.
* We offer recommendations for other service providers (i.e.: Pesticide Applicators, HazMat Cleanup, etc.)
* We offer weekly removal and extraction reports to each golf course.
* We offer “On Call” services for emergency problems.

* Contact us today for more information.

Attic Restoration Services

We understand that there is nothing more trying to a property owner, than to find wildlife in your structures. That is until you receive an over-inflated estimate of what the actual repair costs will be for the damages, and then after the full estimate payment is made, to find that only an incomplete repair if any, was made.

To assist you in determining the course of action that needs to take place after the damage-causing wildlife is removed, we offer photographic or video evidence to show the actual – real damages caused by wildlife, and will advise you as to whether or not the damages are limited, or extensive. Our professional staff offers full and partial attic restoration services as needed to all of the State of Oklahoma.

We are unrivaled in our Warranty & Guarantees

We provide a LABOR warranty of 5 years for the exclusion of BATS and HONEY BEES from structures.
We provide a LABOR warranty of 3 years for the exclusion of ALL OTHER WILDLIFE SPECIES from structures.

Oklahoma Wildlife Control®, L.L.C., is unrivaled in their nationally recognized certifications, knowledge, professionalism and quality of service provided. “Setting the standards” and “raising the bar” are common-place activities for the company. And due to this, the company founder, Reginald Murray, has been called upon to educate, teach and instruct other company owners in Oklahoma and across the United States. He also advises on University Wildlife Management modules and instructions, as well as provides consultation for wildlife regulation amendments and changes when called upon by Departments of Natural Resources.

Oklahoma Wildlife Control® Limited Liability Company 1-855-787-WILD (9453)