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Estimates & Bat Exclusion

Many people call us to give an estimate to them for the removal, exclusion or bat proofing of their homes, residences and structure in Oklahoma. We would like to take this opportunity to touch on some of the factors in rendering an accurate estimate.

Here in Tulsa, Oklahoma … we recently started a Bat Exclusion job with an estimate of $1500. This estimate includes getting the bats out, sealing up the cracks, gaps, separations and crevices in the structure, cleaning out the fecal material and disinfecting / deodorizing the void and area where the bats have been roosting.

Reginald Murray Trapper Tulsa Bat Removal Exclude Exclusion Proofing Chimney Fireplace Oklahoma Wildlife Control Reginald Murray, of Oklahoma Wildlife Control®, L.L.C., removing the chimney cap of the fireplace to view the “void” of the fireplace during a bat exclusion job in Tulsa, OK

In giving an accurate estimate, everything must be inspected and viewed, which cannot always be done. Take the estimate of $1500 for example. This estimate is an approximation based on what could be viewed. However, a more accurate estimate could be delivered if during the inspection, we could have been able to view the “void” between the fireplace frame, and the brick which covered the fireplace. Since this is most often the case, where there are portions of an area, that cannot be viewed during an inspection … we allow for, and note, that an estimate can exceed the established figure by 25%. This accounts for the areas which cannot be seen.

Oklahoma Wildlife Control Bat Problem Tulsa Bat Removal Exclude Proof RemovalInternal structure and framing of the fireplace found “rotted” from long term exposure and saturation of bat urine. This home is in South Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Once we began the exclusion process, and removed the chimney cap from the fireplace, it was discovered that the problem was larger than first presumed during the initial inspection. The internal framing of the fireplace, has been home to bats for an extended period of time, and the fecal material (guano) and urine from the bats, was found to have rotted the wood of the structure. It was also found, that the urine has soaked through the brick mortar of the fireplace due to long term exposure.

In this situation, we will still be able to complete the estimate at the cost and services given to the client. However; to be correctly done, the expenses will be higher than the estimated costs. To be correctly done, the brick needs to be removed, and the framing replaced. There will also need to be a “bat bug” eradication plan of action performed by a pest control company, such as Mother Nature’s Pest Control of Tulsa.

Big Brown Bat chimney tulsa bat removal oklahoma wildlife control reginald murrayBig Brown Bat found in the fireplace void when the chimney cap was removed for further inspection of the problem by Reginald Murray of Oklahoma Wildlife Control in Tulsa, OK

In this economy, financing a venture such as this, is a very hard thing to do. We work hand in hand, step by step with our clients to find the resolve that fits their budgets. However, regardless of our recommendations, it is ultimately the decision of the home owners to approve or disapprove the processes needed to correct the problem.

Do not let this happen to you. Get an inspection when you first notice the problem, or better yet when you suspect the problem. By doing so, it can save you a lot of money. Contact us today with any questions you might have.

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