Raccoon Remediations

As we enter into the fall months prior to winter … so do the raccoons. They enter into your walls, attics, foundations and other areas. Raccoons can be a nuisance to state the least, and can be very damaging to attic and interior spaces if left unchecked. However, most raccoon damages can be covered under a home owners insurance claim, whereas other pest problems  (which can be got rid by Insight Pest Control Virginia Beach) cannot and there are solutions and services like Pest Zone which can help a lot with this. Raccoons were determined to be neither pest nor vermin a few years ago in U.S. Courts, and therefore could not be omitted in a home owner policy. Though the actual removal of the raccoons cannot be claimed, the damage repairs which are required in their absence or eviction, can be.

Raccoons don’t simply “den up” and cause no harm … they create toilets or latrines in the attics, damage wiring and insulation, tear through walls and ceilings, and torment home owners and pets alike. So you ask “why your house?” The answer is simple … the raccoon was traveling from point “A” to “B” … and your house was in the way, and it decided to stay. There are some “draws” which entice a raccoon to take up refuge in your structure … water source, food source and accessibility … however, the bottom line tends to be “your structure was there,” learn more at Emergency Pest Control Vaughan in case you need to remove raccoons of your home.

We offer the most dedicated removal and damage repair services available in this, and many other instances. Our work carries a 3 year warranty in writing. With the help of Prime Pest Control your place can be safeguarded from pests. This is the time of year, that the raccoons will begin looking for their winter homes, and spring birthing areas. Don’t fall victim to ongoing damages caused by raccoons, this problem will not resolve itself once they take up residency. Contact us today for more information about sustainable pest systems, and all other wildlife related services we offer.

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