Winged Problems

As we open into spring and I sat on my porch this evening drinking coffee and talking … I was abruptly reminded of several things that come with this time of year … bats, birds and bees.

Pigeons removed from a roof

Pigeons removed from a roof

We are receiving calls on spring beaver and skunk problems. But now the bats are moving, the honey bees are foraging and looking to set up new hives and colonies and the birds (Canada geese, European Starlings, Feral Pigeons and House Sparrows) are nesting and creating a lot of problems and issues.

Oklahoma residential Canada goose geese control remediation remedy removal remove

If you are having early issues with these or any other wildlife species … do wait to get on our schedule. It’s filling up fast with calls for animal issues and problems.

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One Response to Winged Problems

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